Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Eventing Bingo!

Thanks Emma for the fun contest!  I'm getting my entry in just under the wire here :)

I was assigned cards M & H (this is from card H, second row)....

These will be stories about my hypothetical first season event with Henry!

Henry's grandsire, Frenchman (selle francais)

Henry and I were very excited for our first event.  Well mostly me.  But whatever.  I managed to keep him still long enough to get half-decent braids in for our dressage test (which was the part I was most worried about).  It started pouring rain just as we entered the ring.

We got a few comments about our "tense" trot work but lots of positive comments too.  

Frenchman again

But I didn't predict the horror we would encounter on xc... THE JUMP JUDGE.  She was a friendly enough looking teen in a bright yellow rain coat.  She had a super sweet chair that looked like a dog and was covered in a large red blanket.

She was not cool with Henry.


Who has the nerve to sit in a weird looking chair when Henry is just trying to trot over some tiny logs?!?!  He was super offended!  We just barely squeaked through the flags.  His head was straight up in the air... it wasn't pretty but we somehow made it.

We headed off into the last section of fences that was in a more wooded area.  That area had been closed for schooling the last time we'd been there so I didn't really know my way around.  I must have zigged where I should have zagged somewhere because I got totally lost for a minute or two.  

Eventually I found my next jump and we were finished!  Only got 20 time faults for being too slow :( But we made it! 

Frenchman <3


  1. ha i love the pictures of the gorgeous Frenchman!!! and obvi can't blame Henry at all for the spook at that jump judge - that chair is mildly horrifying!!!! also love the idea of a hypothetical event with Henry in the first place - hopefully that day will come soon! thanks for playing!

    1. Isn't he handsome! I can't decide if it's the coolest chair ever or the most hideous chair ever haha :)

  2. I'm torn on the chair also, but leaning towards awesome.

  3. I kinda want that chair....

  4. Congratulations on your event. It doesn't sound too bad and you did it! I used to have the same problem with peripheral things outside the ring with my very spooky horse Erik. We'd be going along just fine jumping a course and then wham! there was that man-eating garbage pail or chair.

  5. Frenchman looks so athletic!

  6. Frenchman looks so athletic!